With everyone sitting at home, in the midst of this pandemic, I can understand how difficult it has been to adapt to this new lifestyle…how challenging it is to generate optimism…how confusing it is to find a purpose for ourselves. So, I thought to revive our this dormant blog “The Floating Thoughts” and use it for what it was created in the first place: Share our thoughts floating in our heart and mind.

Day 21 of quarantine:
They say 21days of repeated actions make you develop it into a habit.  Does it mean that I have now gotten comfortable with staying home lifestyle? Well, I don’t have any other option in the current situation and that it is the best course of action I would definitely agree any day.

However, how do I train my mind to not think of it as an exception anymore rather a normal setting in this period? How do I make it believe that we are not prisoners of our choices and that home is not a cage? How do I convince it that it is possible to be at one place and still make the most of the day?

I know that many of you will suggest me to meditate or focus on things that I am passionate about since this is the best time we have got to explore and make time for things we missed in our busy schedules. And for the most part, you are correct yet what concerns me is that are we suppressing our thoughts by being afraid to deal with the intensity of it or ignoring it hoping that we will get used to it? I am scared because not dealing with things doesn’t eliminate things. It just makes it a dormant volcano waiting for eruption any day.

I will tell you the way that I am practising to adapt to the situation. It is very simple yet powerful.  REFLECT and ACCEPT.

Reflect on the thoughts that hovers your mind, no matter how dark they are. Allow it to consume you. Let it flood you with negativities. Don’t be afraid to shed a few tears if you feel like. Let your heart feel the troubled beats. Then when you are at your most vulnerable state, ask yourself, “Who are you?”

You are a survivor. You have always survived in your entire life. Right from winning the race among million sperms to chasing the dreams that you follow, you have survived the worst of situation. You can be anything you want to be. You are the sailor of your ship and your mind is your crew. Don’t get influenced by your crew member’s opinion.

Let the mind tell you lies. It can’t make you do anything you don’t want to. It can’t steer the wheel. You can. So, listen to it its excuses and then fool it by doing just the opposite. Challenge yourself to not give in to your mind’s lies.

when it says you can’t do gym now, do a few pushups;
when it says you don’t need to groom yourself, clean yourself and wear the best dress and makeups;
when it says you can’t travel, open travel videos and imagine yourself in the beauty of places;
when it says you don’t need any routine as you are always in the home, make a schedule for yourself;
when it says you can’t go out on a date, video-call your partner and have drinks over the call;
when it says to be lazy as you have got the entire day, be as active as you can be;
when it says to munch on anything, cook the most difficult dish;

You are your HERO. You are your LOVER. You are your MAKER. This free will is a gift. Don’t let it go by being a slave of your mind.

Share your Quiet thoughts and spread the love.

Be Strong. Be Safe. Do Epic.

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