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Sample of The Book

The Two-Face Truth

(Season 1, Episode 1)

Based on Characters Created, & Written By –

Roy & Dee Kay

* NEEL *

I was buried deep in paperwork when I looked at the clock on my office wall. I was running late, yet again. I was in no mood to upset my love at home by arriving late. I had promised her that I would be on time and would take her for a movie, tonight. Therefore, I pushed the files aside and ran towards the elevator.

I stepped out of the office building after another tiresome day, thinking why for once the weatherman was right about the rain as it indeed started to pour heavily. For the past few days, I have being feeling a bit uneasy which was somewhat atypical to say the least, I do enjoy the rain. I honestly do. It reminds me of the beautiful young lady waiting for me at home. The way she gets all excited watching the sky pour down, fills my heart with what you can call true happiness. Her smile is the reason that I am still alive. I just cannot wait to get back home and embrace her into my arms, as she would unleash her love on me while I would rejoice her unconditional affection. If that’s not true love then I don’t know what is.

Lately, I have been quite preoccupied with some development at the office, which I couldn’t share with anybody else except my childhood friend and my boss, Rudra. Ever since I found some unaccounted money in the books of the company, I wasn’t able to give much time at home.  Therefore, as a compensation, I needed to get her favorite chocolate donuts from the bakery shop right at the corner of my office street.

I walked to the shop and placed my order. While they were packing my order I thought of calling home. She was taking a long time to pick the call. Then the call just disconnected. A sudden sense of horror took over my mind as I tried calling her again. I ran out of the shop without even bothering to take my order.

I got into a cab and asked the driver to take me to my house as soon as possible. In the meantime, I kept calling back home. My heart was pounding as it felt like I was in a race against time. I tried calling Rudra too but I knew he was in a meeting with the board. I felt myself falling into panic mode and I needed someone to calm me down. I kept shouting at the cab driver to move faster even when I knew he was doing his best.

“C’mon Pick up the god damn phone!”, I was screaming in my mind.

I kept on calling and calling until the cab finally reached my house. I quickly paid the cabbie without even waiting for him to give me the change. I rushed through the main gate and ran towards the door. There was an unrecognized sense of silence as I opened the door.

She always had the door latched from the inside but today the door was open. I shouted her name but there was no answer. I ran to her room, then to mine but there was no sign of her. I opened the drawer in my room and took out my pistol. I moved from one room to another. Finally, as I reached my study, everything went blank.

*10 minutes later*

“Hellooo” sobbing and whimpering, I received the phone call.

“Neel…you okay brother?” concern radiated from his voice.

“Rudra…I could not save her. I….I…tried my best man…I“ I chocked on my words. I gasped for air. I could hardly breathe.

“Man…don’t you break now…I am on my way…just stay with me bro…”
Rudra shouted on top of his voice. However, no matter how much I tried, I was breaking inwards…into innumerable fragments…fragments that could never be put back together again.

I could feel the hastiness in Rudra’s voice. I could listen to the jingles of the keys as he snatched them away from the table, the thud of the door as it closed behind him and finally the click as the call got disconnected….

Sitting in the pool of blood…her blood…smeared on my face…smudged on my shirt, I held her close to my heart, wrapped around my arms. Tears ran down my eyes wetting her tousled hairs. I kept pressing my lips on her forehead, hoping to retain the warmth of her skin. I tightened my embrace around her, hoping to prevent her soul from leaving her silent body. She was as cold as ice…her skin was turning pale…she wasn’t breathing anymore…she seemed to have drifted away. But I was not ready…not yet ready to let go of her…I was not prepared to accept the fact that she was no more…

I just sat on the floor with the ruckus and mess all around, watching the only hope of life, fading away…

my lifeless baby…

my dead little daughter…

To be Continued….

Who is responsible for the death of Neel’s little girl?


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