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Toastmasters Queries

Hello Reader,

This page has been put up for the budding novices, the proficient veterans, and the visiting dear guests of Toastmasters community. 

We all fear of speaking in public forum. Amidst hundreds and thousands of eyes glancing at you…ears waiting to hear you…silence prevailing to be broken by you, You do feel the undulating waves of nervousness and confidence bobbing inside. 

Well let me tell you…to be very frank…

This is just a first step that you have taken out of your comfort zone and have decided to face the world with tools as your words and opinions. 

You may dither…you might falter…you can get scared…BUT DON’T you stop walking , now that you have already taken the first step…!!! 

To help in your journey, I am going to provide this page exclusively for ANY queries that you may face. ASK freely…NO ONE is judging here…NOT HERE IN THIS PAGE EVER!!!

So just COMMENT your question on any topic from speech preparation to Toastmasters and you will get a reply as soon as possible…

REMEMBER : “if you can speak , you can influence people…if you can influence people, you can change lives”

So, Come let’s learn together!!! Happy Speaking !!!

PS : I will bring in experts of Toastmasters’  World to help you out.


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10 thoughts on “Toastmasters Queries

    1. Hi Animesh
      Thanks for asking your question…
      Now a speech is outcome of recipe of various ingredients…it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact 5 things…still i can try to prioritise…
      1. Originality/Content…this shows how much serious you are with your speech
      2. Connection…how gud the speaker is able to connect to audience…are the people able to feel the emotions of the speaker
      3. Delivery…this u will learn with time and practice…but yeah for initial period…just speak clearly enough to lay ur views
      4. Confidence…very important ingredient that can do wonders even if you have decent content and even if you forget ur lines
      5. Courtesy… humility is a sign of leader and in Toastmaster u t going to be one…so be as humble u can with audience…appreciate them as they are the ones who are willing to listen u..

      Hope this helps…i would be happy to hear ur views… 🙂

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