With everyone sitting at home, in the midst of this pandemic, I can understand how difficult it has been to adapt to this new lifestyle…how challenging it is to generate optimism…how confusing it is to find a purpose for ourselves. So, I thought to revive our this dormant blog “The Floating Thoughts” and use it for what it was created in the first place: Share our thoughts floating in our heart and mind.

I woke up with a dream this afternoon. It was a vivid one and still lingers in my mind; most probably because I have completely messed up my sleep timings and so my mind is still unsure if I want to go back to sleep or come out of it. Also, I think maybe the dream gave me more freedom than what I am allowed in today’s reality; maybe the ability to wander endlessly anywhere and become anyone, I wanted to be, in a dream, makes me realize the power and beauty of a dream. Was this the reason, why the war prisoners were able to survive the ugliness and wrath of atrocities of a battle? Was this the reason why monks realised that meditation was a way to control yourselves? Such things make me rethink of how less we know ourselves, let alone the abilities that we have taken for granted – the ability to dream.

I am trying to recreate my dream while transferring my silent thoughts on this blog. The wind that jovially dances its way through the duskiness of the receding sun, finds a way into my small room through the little gap in the window. It brings me the fragrance of the faraway blossoming flowers while keeping me hinged to the coolness of the approaching rainy night. I can listen to the chirping of the birds as they pass by my building to return to their nests while leaving away music that enhances the melody of the track that plays on my laptop. I watch the stars as they slowly appear to lit the darkness of the night sky while waiting with me for the dramatic entrance of the moon. In the midst of these elements, I slowly retrace my dream that still reverberates within me, enticing me to deluge myself in it.

The pieces of the dream start to align themselves to construct the image. Just as it was about to put the last fragment, it falls apart and fades away. I don’t give up, hoping that I can achieve that image in another try. So, I repeat the same process. Nothing appears; not even half of what emerged during the first attempt. I try again and meet with another failure. The process repeats in a cycle. The more energy I push into the struggle the farther away I find myself being able to put those pieces together until I am left with nothing more than just a feeling that I had a dream, which now I have lost.

The feeling of being so close to recreating the dream and reliving it and then missing it agitates me.  I am drained completely and feel powerless. It seems as if I am mystic to myself. I cower up within my mind, weary of unable to understand myself. Then, when I was about to get up and leave, the scintillating rays of the moon fall on my face, leaving away a sense of warmth of divine peace in the milkiness of its shine. I close my eyes and take a deep breath and just like that it was back, the dream, bringing a smile on my face. The smile was not about winning rather about what I learned.

“Sometimes when you try to grasp something or someone in life, with a fear that devoid of that something or someone, your life will hold no meaning, I dare you to let go of it and feel vulnerable. It is only then you will realise how strong you are and that all you need is you yourself to make you feel valuable. That something or someone will wander back to you finding the brightness that you shed along your way.”

So, next time you dream, don’t hold on to it, thinking it is better than reality but try to build your reality in such a way that the dream also envies it.

Share your Quiet thoughts and spread the love.

Be Strong. Be Safe. Do Epic.

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