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Kedarkantha - A journey to the Himalayas by Roy & Dee Kay

Can a trek change your life? Can it rejuvenate your soul while making you understand yourself?

Neil, an introvert and an engineer with a steel manufacturing company is struggling to cope up with the intense amount of chaos thrown at him by life. Under the weight of responsibility and day-to-day obligations, he seems lost and without a voice of his own. His passion for writing and the longing for the mountains have taken a backseat as he pushes himself to be at par with the standard the world has set for him. The unsuspected emotional traumas of the past, the unspoken feelings of the present, and the uncertainty of the future have been adding more turmoil to his already fragile state of mind.

Then one day he gets a chance to join in on a trek with a friend. Not sure at first, he tries to make excuse to get out of it but after persuasion from Misha, he finally sets for a journey into the heart of the Himalayas. Unaware of what awaits him and skeptical about the unplanned trek, he gears up for what would unfold as the journey that would change him for good.

Join Neil as he takes on his fear of uncertainty, the anxiety of being around strangers, and the love for the mountains. Walk with him on the trail of unfolding his true self while facing the odds at the snow-covered mountains. Be his strength as he dares to summit the Kedarkantha peak only to find his limits that he has to overcome.

Can he truly overcome his fears? Can he bypass the limits his body has by freeing his mind?

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