With everyone sitting at home, in the midst of this pandemic, I can understand how difficult it has been to adapt to this new lifestyle…how challenging it is to generate optimism…how confusing it is to find a purpose for ourselves. So, I thought to revive our this dormant blog “The Floating Thoughts” and use it for what it was created in the first place: Share our thoughts floating in our heart and mind.

Tonight is one of the troubled nights. I lie on my bed, with an unavoidable feeling of frustration and despair. The dim light oozing out of my study lamp is failing to keep away the darkness of the night just like the flickering motivation within me forsaking me in front of the formidable mountain of today’s uncertainty. I feel angry and sad at the same time. I know this is not the ideal time to feel hopelessness yet I am just a human and like everyone else, is enslaved to all the hues of emotions. I am usually a person, who can listen to your pains and happiness alike; make you feel motivated and your life meaningful even at your lowest point; can rekindle the dying light of inspiration within you with the shine of my love for humanity. Yet today, I feel I have lost to transform one intrinsic emotion in people; SELFISHNESS. I seem to have lost faith in people’s words for I am seeing your actions painting hypocrisy all around.

Humans are social species; they need to be around one another, yet it seems to be a paradox to find the necessity of staying together and to have the urge for thinking the best for yourself going in tandem. How can you not give a thought of the people getting affected by your actions? How can you make decisions without counting on the lives that are waiting for your reply? How can you make everything just about yourself?

I know, usually, I write about inspiring stuff, that gives you a promise of goodness out there in this world and the strength to make a better tomorrow. But, sometimes it is important to face the reality of the things that imprison you, only then you would be able to free yourself…only then you will be able to respect yourself…only then you will dare to break free…only then you will be able to truly love other lives…

As I write this half-awake in my reverie, I call out to all the selfishness present inside every one of us; STOP thinking only about yourself; STOP giving so much importance to only your needs; STOP being a hypocrite; If you are asked to stay home, stay the hell inside your walls; if you have promised your partner to follow your passion, live up to your words; if you have made commitment in a relationship, don’t be a cheat; if you are thinking you are doing everything you can; think hard enough. It’s not just your life that is getting affected. Maturity doesn’t come with age, it reflects from your integrity of words and actions. So, next time you think you are mature enough, then give a look within yourself and ensure that you are devoid of all these selfish aspects of yourself.

I know this might not be the post you were hoping to read but this may be the necessary one that this world needs now;

“a need to search the goodness in ourselves; a need to care for others; a need to come together not just as family or friends but as humans;
a need to be a Survivor for ourselves, a Warrior for our loved ones,  and a Human for our species…”

Do you have the courage to be that person?

Share your Quiet thoughts and spread the love.

Be Strong. Be Safe. Do Epic.

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