Photographer : Neha Sakuja     neha

Compiled by : Shoumodip Roy

Title : a Peek into the Luxury !!!



 “I love to travel…It makes me realize what a tiny place I hold in this world…
I do photography as a hobby, clicking pictures of anything or any moments that I would like to hold on to… ”
– Neha Sakuja


The traveler inside of Neha seeks to discover new places…meet people and experience the diverse lifestyle. This post intends to take you inside the opulent yet benevolent lifestyle of United Arab Emirates.

So, Dear Reader, walk with Neha through the streets of Abu Dhabi and revel in the majestic aura all around.


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“a glimpse of it…drags my feet…only towards it…
How Grandeur you could be…is only what I can think !!! “

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” Just When I thought I have seen plenty…
U stand before with your formidable magnificence so lavishly !!!”


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the Palace Cappuccino at the Le Cafe, coffee with 24 carat gold sprinkled on it. It’s one-of-a-kind.
” Why do u make me feel so special…filling my heart with memories so memorable !!!”

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” Today was the day I met the grandiose luxury…humbled I became seeing her generous beauty… “
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

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“In the night I saw your soul…

through the chandeliers and the glasses’ glow…

lit with that artistry…


connecting with my core…

only to make it whole !!! ”

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” U mesmerize me with your exquisite charm that radiates even in your reflections… “


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WhatsApp Image 2017-12-30 at 20.08.54

” I know you always grow…preserving within you the retro…Nostalgic I feel now in its shadow…!!! “


  • the Etihad towers

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” I look up to you…U look down to me…It is when our LOVE begins… !!! “

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